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3 Lesser-Known Mac® Tricks April 3, 2019

Kalispell, Flathead
3 Lesser-Known Mac® Tricks, Kalispell, Montana

The Apple® operating system offers features and tricks that cannot be used on any other device. Unfortunately, many of these cool tricks on their high-end computers fly under the radar, as users don’t know they exist. Instead of calling IT support or poring over your the “help” section on your Mac®, take the time to learn a few of these lesser-known tips. You may find that they transform the way you use your Mac.   

Top Mac Tricks

1. Password Protect FoldersIT-support

IT support experts can offer plenty of advice for keeping your computer secure, but there are some simple steps you can take on your own. If you want to add an extra layer of security to certain folders on your computer — folders containing tax returns or other sensitive information, for instance — you can password protect any folder of your choice.

Open your Disk Utility, then select File. Under “New Image,” choose “Image from Folder.” Select the folder you want to protect and input your password of choice. Finish by deleting the original folder and replacing it with the new one.

2. Map Geotagged Photos

Once you’ve finished that great road trip, you can easily place all your geotagged photos on a custom computers map. Open the Photos app and upload the photos that you want to map into the app. Select “Places” from the sidebar, which will show all your geotagged photographs.

If you use an iPhone® to take pictures and aren’t comfortable with having your location information stored with every image, tech authorities and IT support experts recommend turning off your camera’s location services. To do this, launch “Settings” on your phone, then scroll down and tap “Services.” Open “Location Services,” choose “Camera,” and then tap “Never.”

3. Screen Sharing

Screen sharing allows you to access other people’s screens, so you can help others with a problem they’re troubleshooting or communicate easier with your team. You might have also seen this in action while on the phone with an IT support representative.

To engage screen sharing, open iMessage® and select the name of the person whose screen you want to see. Click on “Details” and then the screen sharing icon. Have them do the same.


Whether you use your Mac for fun or work, you need it to run reliably for everything you do. The team at RadioActive in Kalispell, MT, has more than 60 years of combined experience with efficient Mac repair. They also have a wide selection of computer parts and custom computers for you to shop. Contact their IT support team online or at (406) 257-5999 to talk about improving your computer’s speed and performance.

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