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Why Does Your Business Need Fixed Wireless? April 19, 2019

New York, New York
Why Does Your Business Need Fixed Wireless?, New York, New York

Whether you’re uploading data to the cloud or working on team projects with wireless devices, having a strong and fast Wi-Fi connection is integral to modern business operations. However, not all workplaces are equipped to provide internet through fiber optic cable lines. Rather than settling for slow internet, you can keep your office connected with the use of a fixed wireless network—one that delivers broadband-level speeds through radio wave technology. To better understand illustrate the benefits of this option, here are a few reasons to consider fixed wireless for your business.

How Can Fixed Wireless Benefit Your Workplace?

Infrastructure Limitations

If your current office building isn’t properly equipped, it can be costly and disruptive to have new fiber optic cables installed and to provide a wired broadband connection. In fact, some office complexes may have to spend several thousands of dollars to have these resources put in by an internet service provider.

Fixed wireless, by contrast, does not require the use of fiber optic cables. Instead, broadband wireless is transmitted to your building’s receiver through radio waves. Since this equipment is already in place, you won’t have to blow your budget on Internet set-up costs or disturb your workplace with cable installation.

Impressive Broadband Speeds

fixed wirelessWhen consumers first hear about internet via radio waves, they assume that the connection won’t be very fast. However, fixed wireless is just as fast—and sometimes faster—than traditional wired broadband. Today’s fixed systems can deliver internet speeds that can reach up to 1Gbps. By comparison, recent industry reports show that the average internet speed in America is only a fraction of fixed wireless estimates.

Improved Reliability

Relying on a cable-dependent Wi-Fi connection can be risky at times. For example, floods, power outages, and other incidents can cause damage to the cables and affect your business’ connection for days. Since fixed wireless systems are not local, they can continue to operate even when disasters like these occur. As a result, many businesses that already have a fiber-optic connection will invest in fixed wireless as a backup internet resource.



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