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3 Tips for Avoiding False Alarms From Your Security System March 21, 2019

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3 Tips for Avoiding False Alarms From Your Security System, Chillicothe, Ohio

A security system protects your home and your peace of mind, but repeat false alarms can stress you out and lead to hefty fines. Pets, kids and teens, and problems in the system can all cause a false alarm, but there are a few ways to prevent them. Here are a few tips for keeping your system from sending out a false alarm.

How to Prevent False Alarms From Your Security System

1. Make Sure Older Kids Know How to Enter the Code

If you have older children, such as teenagers, who might be home alone occasionally, make sure they know the code and can enter it properly. Practice it with them to make sure they can enter and exit the house without accidentally triggering the alarm. Any time you change the code or the system, make sure to go over these differences with your teenager, so they’re aware.

2. Use Advanced Sensors

security systemMotion sensors are an integral part of your security system, but they’re not faultless. Standard sensors won’t differentiate between an intruder walking through your home and your pet chasing their ball, leading to repeated false alarms. Ask your security service provider about pet-proof motion sensors for your system. These sensors have adjustable sensitivity levels, meaning they’ll be triggered by human movement but not a ball or small pet. 

3. Keep Up With Maintenance

False alarms can also be attributed to errors and faults in the system, which happen if maintenance isn’t completed or something has broken. Check all batteries monthly and change them if needed. Inspect your system for signs of wear and damage, and get any necessary repairs completed as soon as possible. Other required maintenance steps vary from system to system, so be sure to consult your manual to ensure you’re doing all that you should be. If you ever notice a “bug” in your system or something seems off, contact your security service provider right away to have it inspected and repaired.


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