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How Often Do You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning? March 31, 2019

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How Often Do You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning?, Austin, Texas

Between coffee spills and constant foot traffic, the carpet in your office has to deal with a lot. Professional carpet cleaning can help refresh its look and smell so that your work environment leaves a better impression on both employees and clients. But how often is this service necessary? The guide below offers some insight to help determine the right schedule for your company.

How Often Should You Have Office Carpets Cleaned?

During carpet cleaning, dirt and dust buried deep in your floor’s fibers are steamed away. Not only does this process eliminate set-in stains, but it can also keep allergens from impacting your office’s overall air quality. In general, a thorough carpet cleaning should be completed every three to six months, depending on how many people traverse the area each day. However, public spaces like churches and schools will require more frequent attention.

What Can Business Owners Do in Between Cleanings?

carpet cleaningTo save time and money, businesses should be proactive about their floor care. If there isn’t a janitorial company in place, assigning someone to vacuum common areas daily and private offices a couple of times a week—before contaminants have had time to settle into the fibers will keep carpets in good shape.

Additionally, should something drop on the floor, employees should take the initiative to spot clean the area. If the stain is minor, you can use a towel to blot and pat the carpet until the moisture is completely removed before applying your desired cleaning product. If the stain is allowed to set, it’s best to turn to professionals, who have the skill and tools to lift the stain without any damage to your flooring.


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