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3 Tips for Cleaning Your Eyeglasses April 1, 2019

Crown Heights, Brooklyn
3 Tips for Cleaning Your Eyeglasses, Brooklyn, New York

In the busyness of everyday life, properly cleaning your eyeglasses can sometimes take a backseat to more pressing concerns. However, clean glasses help you to see clearly and maintain your eye health and vision, as well as prevent bacteria that could cause skin irritation from building up around the rims. Here are a few tips to keep your glasses clean.

How to Clean Your Eyeglasses

1. Use Lukewarm Water & Dish Soap

Plain tap water is fine, but be sure it is lukewarm; hot water can damage the lens coatings. Thoroughly wet both sides of the lenses and apply one drop of regular dishwashing liquid to each. Using clean fingertips, gently massage the liquid into the surface of each lens and around the rims. Rinse them well and shake off the moisture over the sink.

2. Dry Them With a Clean, Lint-Free Cloth

eyeglassesEyeglasses should never be dried with paper towels, tissues, or shirttails. Use a clean, lint-free, soft fabric like a kitchen dishtowel or microfiber cloth. Avoid laundering the cloth with fabric softener or drying it with dryer sheets; these products can smear or scratch lenses. Carefully wipe and dry the lenses, rims, and bridge.

3. Carry Individual Lens Wipes With You

The above technique may not be feasible when you're out and about. Carry a few individual lens wipes for those occasions when you can't perform a more comprehensive cleaning. Before applying the premoistened wipes, blow on each eyeglass lens to remove any dirt or dust so that debris doesn't get ground into them and cause scratches.


When you need help maintaining your eyeglasses, contact Clear Vision Center. They have been providing vision services to Kings County, NY, for more than a decade. They carry a full line of glasses and can advise you on cleaning and maintaining them properly. To schedule an appointment, call them today at (718) 771-0078 or contact them via their website.

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