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3 Springtime Pet Care Tips March 27, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
3 Springtime Pet Care Tips, Lincoln, Nebraska

With warmer weather and longer days just around the corner, it's the perfect time to share some reminders for springtime pet care. The return of more comfortable temperatures means your dog or cat will likely be outside more. And while this is healthy for them, the wider world does present some risks. Below are a few recommendations from veterinarians for protecting your furry family member.

How to Keep Your Pet Happy & Healthy This Season

1. Monitor Them When They're Outside

Your pet is going to be overjoyed about reexperiencing the great outdoors, but aim to monitor them as much as possible. Bees, wasps, and other flying insects can be pests for animals, and getting bit or stung will require a trip to the veterinarian. Keep pets away from gardens and flowerbeds where fertilizer, insecticide, or herbicide has been used. If your cat or dog is a birder, don't let them out during sunrise or sunset, the two most active times for birds to be out looking for food.

2. Keep Easter Items Out of Reach

Easter comes with plenty of chocolate treats, but, remember, chocolate is toxic to dogs. Easter lilies, like all types of lilies, can have fatal consequences if eaten by a cat. Store chocolate in a cupboard on the highest shelf or in the refrigerator. Keep lilies in out-of-the-way places your cat can't access and, when planning your springtime flower garden, choose more feline-friendly options like roses and sunflowers.

3. Schedule a Pet Health Exam

veterinarianDuring their long winter's nap, many pets spend the time resting and lounging around indoors. Now, with spring on the doorstep, it's the ideal time of year for your pet's annual veterinarian exam. You can check their weight and general health, and see if there are any specific issues that need addressing. Also, pets can develop seasonal allergies just like humans can, so if you notice an increase in sneezing, coughing, or swelling with the arrival of spring, consult a veterinarian right away.


Following these pointers will make for a happy and healthy spring for your pet. For over 30 years, the veterinarians at Parkview Animal Hospital have been offering walk-in appointments to cats and dogs throughout the Lancaster County, NE, area. They provide preventative care, surgery, spaying and neutering, and flea medicine. To learn more about their services, visit their website or call (402) 423-6939 with questions.