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4 Items to Bring When Boarding Your Dog March 29, 2019

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4 Items to Bring When Boarding Your Dog, McKinney, Texas

Dog boarding facilities are well-equipped to provide diligent care, fun activities, and plenty of belly rubs and ear scratches for your four-legged companion. However, there are some items that you should always bring with you to ensure your dog has all they need to be supported, healthy, and happy during their stay. Below are four items to give to the pet boarders when dropping off your pooch.

What to Bring to the Dog Boarding Facility 

1. Food

While dog boarding provides a comfortable, safe, and welcoming atmosphere, some dogs may feel a little uneasy at first and take some time to get accustomed to the new environment. Serving them the same food that they have at home can make the transition easier and provide a sense of consistency and security. Fill small, resealable plastic baggies with individual servings of food and label each meal. Bring enough baggies for the duration of their stay.

2. Medicine

The pet care professionals who work at your boarding facility can provide any routine care your pup requires, including administering medications. Bring along enough doses for their stay and write out instructions detailing when and how much your pet needs. If the medication must be taken with food, tuck single doses into the individual meal baggies and let the boarders know the pills have already been allocated.

3. Toys & Comfort Items

Your dog should have a few of dog boardingtheir favorite toys with them while they're away. Toys are fun ways to keep them engaged and pass the time; they are also soothing reminders of home. Consider bringing along other comfort items as well, such as a beloved blanket or even an article of clothing with your scent. These items will help your pet feel connected to you during their stay.

4. Documents

Dog boarding facilities often require some light paperwork beforehand. This might include agreements, waivers, vaccination certifications, or medical records. Make sure all documentation is filled out and ready to be dropped off with your pet.


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