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How to Pair Burgers & Beer April 3, 2019

Harlem, Manhattan
How to Pair Burgers & Beer, Manhattan, New York

A skillfully prepared burger tastes so good it almost doesn’t need any type of beverage complement. Unless you pair it with beer, that is. However, there are so many possible ways to combine burgers and beer, and while there’s not necessarily a wrong way to do it, some pairings are better than others. Here are some essential points you should know about pairing burgers and beer. 

Why Burgers & Beer Pair So Wellburgers

After a hearty bite of meat, bun, and toppings, sipping on a cold beer is incredibly refreshing. The coolness not only proves a nice balance to the burger’s heat, but it also clears your palate for the next bite. This allows you to maximize the flavor you experience each time you chomp down. If spicy burgers are your thing, a beer can smooth out the kick. Certain varieties are also ideal for bringing out more vibrant flavors in cheeses and other fillings. 

Important Pairing Tips

One of the most crucial pairing elements to consider is the cheese. Classic choices like American cheese and cheddar, especially when soft and melted, work well with tart and tangy beers to add a more acidic element. The traditional toppings of lettuce and tomato blend well with the clear, straightforward flavors of lagers and ales. When pickles enter the fray, you can bring in an acidic element like a wheat beer to complement the flavor. If you don’t like your burgers too greasy, another way to mitigate that factor is by introducing an IPA — the bitterness will help diminish the feeling of greasiness.  



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