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What Are the Different Kinds of Air Ducts? April 8, 2019

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What Are the Different Kinds of Air Ducts?, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

An HVAC duct carries air from a heating or cooling unit into your home, circulating that air through each room via vents. Air ducts keep your indoor environment at a consistent and comfortable temperature and when used with filtration systems, can exchange stale indoor air for fresh outdoor air. Here’s what you should know about the different types of ducts available for your home.


These HVAC ducts are highly durable and typically intended for long-term use. They’re cylindrical or rectangular in shape and made from a variety of rigid materials, including:

  • Sheet Metal: Comprised of galvanized steel or aluminum, these ducts have a solid, thick surface and are the most durable option.
  • Fiberglass: Typically used in commercial or office buildings, these ducts are lined with fiberglass on the interior or exterior. Because of their density, they help muffle the loud noises that heating and cooling systems often make.
  • Fiberboard: These ducts are made from fiberglass strands that have been flattened and bonded with resin and then covered with a foil to shield them from moisture. They are well-insulated and ideal for keeping HVAC temperatures stable.


HVACFlexible HVAC ducts are easier to install than rigid ducts because, as the name suggests, they’re malleable. Made up of a wire coil that’s covered with bendable plastic, these tube-shaped ducts can be bent and twisted to fit in into small, tight spaces. Because of this flexibility, they’re typically used in places where rigid ducts would not fit. They’re also less expensive than rigid ducts—but not as durable. In addition, flexible ducts must be carefully and mindfully installed, as too many bends, twists, or curves could negatively affect their performance.


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