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5 Reasons to Repair Your Bumper After a Collision April 2, 2019

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5 Reasons to Repair Your Bumper After a Collision, Dothan, Alabama

If you’ve been in an accident that resulted in bumper damage, opting for collision repair is a smart decision. Even if the problems seem minor, this part of your vehicle is critical to your safety and should be in top shape as you drive. Below are some of the most important reasons to call for help if your front or rear bumper is dented or askew. 

Why You Should Repair Bumpers After a Collision

1. Remain Safe

Bumpers protect you, your passengers, and your vehicle from impacts of any kind. Even small indentations can compromise your bumper’s effectiveness, which will make you vulnerable if another collision occurs. If your vehicle was involved in an accident, have an auto repair expert assess the bumper’s condition and check for hidden damage that could compromise your security. 

2. Prevent More Damage

You may think your bumper only suffered superficial damage and everything seems to be in working order, but there could be a problem lurking underneath. For example, if you accidentally rear-ended someone, you could have an engine leak and belt damage that will worsen as you continue driving. By procrastinating on collision repairs, you’re more likely to experience costlier and more extensive problems. 

3. Optimize Insurance

collision repairYour insurance company may not fully cover your vehicle if there’s existing damage, especially if you’re in another accident. If subsequent collisions are more substantial, your coverage may be limited and you may not get the full amount to completely repair your vehicle to its former glory.

4. Boost Vehicle Value

Any imperfections lower the value of your car. Whether you plan to sell now or in a decade from now, the more damage you leave, the less you will get for your vehicle. Proper car upkeep could help you earn higher offers from more prospective buyers. 

5. Abide by the Law

Driving a compromised vehicle can get you in trouble with the law. If your car is deemed unsafe for use, you may be on the hook for fines and tickets. Your vehicle may also not pass inspection without collision repair.


For state-of-the-art collision repair and refinishing, call Mike Smith’s Automotive Collision Center in Dothan, AL. These I-Car®-certified technicians and staff members provide professional, caring, and courteous service, whether you need a bumper replacement or custom painting. The team employs Car-O-Liner® computerized frame measure and straightening systems for accurate auto repair on any degree of damage. To make an appointment at the auto body shop, call (334) 792-0446. Visit their website for an FAQ on their offerings.

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