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3 Benefits of Routine Tire Rotation March 25, 2019

Columbus, Platte
3 Benefits of Routine Tire Rotation, Columbus, Nebraska

Your car isn’t weighted the same in the front and back. As a result, your tires are subject to different amounts of torque and friction when you accelerate, brake, and turn. This can lead to uneven tread wear over time, which is why equipment should be rotated every 7,000 miles or so. Routinely changing the tires’ position on the car helps them last longer and reduces the amount of strain it takes to move the vehicle, improving gas mileage. For further incentive to keep up with this aspect of preventative maintenance, below are additional benefits.  

Why Go to a Mechanic for Regular Tire Rotation?

1. Improve Vehicle Handling

When tread wears evenly, traction improves across all four tires. This makes it easier to maintain control of the car when turning corners. Tires will also be able to accelerate and brake faster. It also makes wheel alignment issues less likely. 

Columbus-Nebraska-tires2. Prevent Dangerous Accidents

Having tires rotated will keep you safe on the road. When the vehicle is easier to handle, you can react more quickly, which can help you stop on slick or icy roads or allow you to move out of the way of an impending impact.

3. Keep Your Warranty Agreement

Because tires break down faster without regular rotation, many manufacturers require preventative maintenance as part of their warranty agreement. If you fall behind with upkeep, you could void the contract, which means you’d have to pay out of pocket for tire repairs. 


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