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How to Prepare Your Septic Tank for Spring March 26, 2019

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How to Prepare Your Septic Tank for Spring, Buffalo, Pennsylvania

Spring weather is on its way, which means it’s time to get your septic tank ready. Septic systems are fairly low maintenance, but a few key steps are required every so often to keep them operating effectively. Spring is the perfect time for upkeep, as the tank and drain field are more easily accessible than during the winter months. Here’s how to maintain your system as the weather warms up. 

3 Steps to Get Your Septic Tank Ready for Spring

1. Look for Pooling

Rain during the spring can cause issues in the drain field. Look for pooling on the ground above your septic tank; this often indicates that there’s an issue with the distribution lines or that you need to add more quality soil to absorb and treat the water from the septic tank. A few puddles after a major rainstorm aren’t anything to worry about, but if you notice excessive puddling after a light shower, call a septic maintenance company to diagnose the issue.

2. Clean the Drains

septic tankIf the plumbing drains get clogged, it will put extra strain on your septic system and cause flooding. Therefore, it’s important to hire a professional to remove clogs and clean the drains. To prevent clogs in the first place, avoid letting any food residue go down the kitchen sink.  

3. Pump the Tank

When the septic tank is full of solids and sludge, it can no longer collect water and waste effectively. This can lead to backups or even full-blown flooding on your property. To avoid this, have a professional pump the tank every three to five years. If you’re not sure when the tank was last pumped, have an inspection performed.


When you need help with your spring septic tank maintenance, contact Mark Cromley Septic & Excavation Service in Union County, PA. The company provides a wide array of services, including septic tank installation, repair, maintenance, pumping, and excavation services. Their experienced team always arrives promptly and creates a customized service plan for every client. The company works with both residential and small commercial customers throughout the area. To schedule service or request more information, contact the team online or call (570) 524-0249.

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