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Air Conditioning Check List for Spring March 26, 2019

Stayton, Marion
Air Conditioning Check List for Spring, Stayton, Oregon

As spring approaches and temperatures rise, it’s important for homeowners to prepare their properties for a new season, starting with air conditioning maintenance. If you’re looking for ways to properly prepare your HVAC system for the transition from heating to cooling, consider embracing this checklist.

4 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tasks to Embrace This Spring

1. Replace Filters

Air ConditioningAt the start of a new season, swap your air filters. By removing old filters, you can rest easy knowing you’re breathing fresh, quality air that doesn’t contain dust, debris, pet dander, and unwanted allergens.

2. Inspect Exterior Unit

After a long winter, your exterior condenser could be overgrown with plant life and debris. Inspect the area around your HVAC unit and clear away any hazards so air can flow unencumbered.

3. Test Thermostat

As the weather starts to warm up, turn your thermostat to cool and listen as your air conditioning unit kicks on. Pay attention to any strange noises and check for leaks. Keep your eye on the thermostat as well, and note whether the indoor temperature matches the reading.

4. Schedule Professional HVAC Maintenance

Most importantly, reach out to your air conditioning company and schedule your annual inspection. By hiring an experienced technician to tune up your unit, you can rest easy knowing your cooling system is running efficiently. This maintenance appointment is an excellent way to save money on monthly energy bills and catch issues early on to avoid costly repairs or breakdowns once summer rolls around.


If you’re based in Mid-Willamette Valley and Santiam Canyon, OR, and you’re looking for an experienced air conditioning company to inspect your system, Focus Heating & Construction, based in Stayton, is your go-to source for quality, affordable, and efficient service. With over 10 years of experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction, you can depend on this team for all your heating and cooling needs. Call today at (503) 769-7519 to schedule an appointment and visit their website for additional information on these HVAC specialists who believe in providing the best service at the best price.

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