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Do's & Don'ts When Your Car Is Stuck in the Mud April 9, 2019

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Do's & Don'ts When Your Car Is Stuck in the Mud, St. Louis, Missouri

Spring can bring about plenty of rain in Missouri. Precipitation combined with the melting snow left from winter will create muddy grounds throughout the state. If you happen to drive over a particularly difficult patch, your vehicle may get stuck. Before calling a towing service for support, there are steps you can take to try to get yourself out. Here are some important do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.


Turn the wheels left and right.

It’s hard for your wheels to gain purchase when they’re stuck in tight ruts. Clear room around each tire by turning the steering wheel to the left and then the right. If you keep a shovel in your car, you could also get out and dig out the surrounding area to accomplish this.

Use traction.

Cars often can’t get out of mud because there’s nothing solid to grab onto. Fix that by placing something with a bit of traction on the ground in front of your wheels. This could be a towel, floor mat, a piece of sturdy cardboard, or even a collection of sticks and dry debris if you don’t have other items handy in your vehicle.


Accelerate too hard.

towingYou need to use enough pressure on the accelerator for the car to slowly glide forward. However, you shouldn’t slam down on the pedal immediately. This can cause the wheels to dig into the mud even deeper, making it even harder to extract yourself using other methods.


Patience is important for getting your vehicle unstuck. You may need to try a few different ideas or rock the vehicle back and forth several times before breaking free. You can’t do this effectively if you’re panicking. Take a few deep breaths, follow the above steps, and keep the phone number for a reliable towing company on hand to help if other tactics don’t work.


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