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4 Signs Your Car’s Overdue for a Paint Job March 28, 2019

Norwalk, Fairfield County
4 Signs Your Car’s Overdue for a Paint Job, Norwalk, Connecticut

Your vehicles paint job covers most of its exterior and is continuously exposed to the elements. Without routine maintenance, it can quickly deteriorate, requiring the services of a reputable auto paint shop to restore its former glory. Below are four telltale signs that your automotive paint is in dire need of help.  

How to Know It’s Time for Auto Repaint

1. Fading or Discoloration

Leaving your car out for prolonged periods causes fading or discoloration on its paint job. Harsh UV rays can damage the finish because of oxidation, which happens when the combination of oxygen and heat break down the paint’s molecular structure. When oxidation is left unaddressed, it can cause rapid deterioration of the paint job. Aside from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures also play a factor in making your vehicle’s paint look dull and lifeless. 

2. Peeling

auto paint shopAutomotive paints have two coats, a top and a base. Most top coats are clear and serve to protect your car’s base coat as its first line of defense against harsh elements. When they begin to chip off, peel back, or bubble, it won’t be long before your base coat gets damaged. 

3. Scratches, Dents, & Dings

Over time, your vehicle will develop scratches, chips, and dents. Although some blemishes can be rectified with a buff or touch-up, others will be too deep and too numerous. A good test for checking scratch depth is by polishing over the spot with a moistened finger—if it remains unmoved, it’s an issue that an auto paint shop should address.

4. Rust or Corrosion

Sometimes, the issue with your paint lies underneath the surface. There might be signs of rust or corrosion on the body, attributed to extreme temperature fluctuations and weather changes and salt particles in the air. Err on the side of caution by bringing your vehicle in for inspections and repainting at an auto paint shop.


When it’s time to give your car a fresh coat, take it to the professionals at Valiante Auto Body. As the premier auto paint shop in Norwalk, CT, for over 40 years, their highly trained technicians provide exceptional car body repair work throughout Fairfield County. For auto body repair estimates, call (203) 847-3043 or inquire via their website.

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