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3 Tips to Secure Your Wi-Fi Network April 2, 2019

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3 Tips to Secure Your Wi-Fi Network, Dexter, Missouri

When your high-speed Internet connection suddenly slows or you have suspicious activity on your wireless network, it can often mean someone that doesn’t belong is using it. The number of people on your network impacts speed, and you don’t want to share free Wi-Fi with your neighbors. It’s important to secure your network, and you’ll find valuable tips below.

3 Ways to Keep People Off Your Wi-Fi

1. Purchase a Quality Router

high-speed-internet-advanced-communications-and-technologyThe router is responsible for broadcasting your Wi-Fi connection and communicating with devices. Cheap routers are susceptible to security breaches and malware, which is why you need a quality product. Keep firmware up to date so you have the best security features. Specialty products will advertise their security integrations, and you can count on also getting better high-speed Internet service from a premium router.

2. Change the Default Info

Many homeowners leave the default password and router admin login that comes with the device because they’re already relatively intricate. Still, it’s always better to personalize, so create a new login and password. Make sure it’s something only you’ll remember—it’s best to create a phrase that contains upper- and lowercase letters, special characters, symbols, and more. This will keep outsiders off your Wi-Fi network.

3. Remove Existing Threats

You need to know that no one is currently accessing your Wi-Fi and can use the router’s web interface to see what devices are connected. Scan through this list, and if you see any devices that you and your family don’t own, boot them and change the login and password. Staying vigilant is an important part of prevention.


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