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5 Steps for Maintaining a Truck Over a Long Trip April 2, 2019

Lyell-Otis, Rochester
5 Steps for Maintaining a Truck Over a Long Trip, Rochester, New York

A hard-working commercial truck needs to be well-maintained to run properly. If you’ve been putting a lot of miles on yours as of late, it’s important to examine it to ensure it continues to run smoothly and safely. Give yours a thorough inspection by checking the following five items before your next big trip. 

Things to Check to Keep Your Truck Running

1. Oil

Check your truck’s engine oil level, as well as the date recommended for its next change. If you’re close to that date, change your oil before you embark on your next significant trip. Do not skip this step by simply adding more oil, as engine sludge needs to be cleared out for new oil to provide proper lubrication.

2. Other Fluids

In addition to engine oil, other fluids also need to be maintained to ensure your truck rental runs smoothly. These include brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission and drive axle fluids, as well as coolant and windshield washer fluid. Check your manual to stay up-to-date on these fluids’ change intervals and make sure they’re all topped off before you take your next long trip.

3. Tirestruck rental

Tires need to be checked for two things to ensure your truck rental can endure long hours on the road. The first is air pressure — low-pressure tires can waste fuel and cause flats, while over-inflated tires can blow out. Avoid these issues by making sure your tires are inflated to factory specifications. You should also examine your tires’ treads, as worn-out or unevenly worn tires can create safety issues and limit your tires’ lifespan.

4. Battery

If the battery in your truck rental is more than two years old, check its terminals to ensure there’s no corrosion, and make sure that the positive and negative leads are tight. You should also listen to the starter—if it sounds sluggish, you’re likely dealing with corrosion or a dying battery. Don’t wait to have it changed, as there’s no reason to become stranded in the middle of a trip because of a battery failure.

5. Lights & Signals

All lights and signals must be 100% functional to meet regulations, be visible, and avoid accidents. Before getting back on the road, sit in your truck rental and test them out while a buddy watches to make sure they’re working. It’s also a good idea to keep a few spare bulbs on hand during any long-distance trip—one each for your headlights, indicators, reverse lights, and tail lights.


Make sure your truck rental is ready for a long trip by contacting the experts at DeCarolis Truck Rental in Rochester, NY. With two convenient locations, including one in Monroe, NY, this industry leader offers everything you need to stay safe on the road, including truck inspections, truck maintenance, and truck repair, along with a variety of truck rental options and service plans. Visit their website to see a full list of services and call (585) 427-2670 to speak with a team member about your trucking needs today.

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