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3 Tips to Help a Grieving Pet April 2, 2019

3 Tips to Help a Grieving Pet, Wentzville, Missouri

Losing a pet is difficult for everyone in the family—including your surviving pets. They’ve built loving bonds with their counterparts and can have difficulty coping. It’s important to address your pet’s emotional needs, and there are ways to help. A veterinarian can provide mental health assistance if needed, so keep them updated about your pet’s status.

Important Ways to Help Your Pet Deal With Grief

1. Stick to Routines

You should walk or play with your pet at the same time, feed them at their usual time, and keep with bedtime schedules as well. This makes things feel more familiar, which can be comforting for them. In between scheduled activities, make sure to show them plenty of love, even if it’s a simple grooming session.

2. Monitor Social Development

veterinarian-troy-and-wentzville-veterinary-clinicIf you have several pets, the social dynamic becomes disrupted when one passes away. It’s important to allow them to establish a new order. This can mean butting heads a bit or acting slightly aggressive, which is totally normal. One pet is simply taking the reigns. If it advances to biting, hissing, scratching, barking, or consistent aggression, however, you may want to speak with their veterinarian so they can help resolve the conflict.

3. Provide Time & Space

Like humans, pets may want some personal space. They may be more sluggish throughout the day or retreat to their kennel or a private area. This is perfectly normal at first, and they may do this for several days or a week. Be patient and don’t force your pet into situations that can be stressful. If this activity keeps them from eating, playing, or extends beyond a week, however, speak with their veterinarian.


If your pet needs physical or emotional care, turn to a veterinarian at Troy & Wentzville Veterinary Clinic. Serving Eastern Missouri, they bring over 60 years of experience to pets. They treat animals as members of the family, offering personalized, compassionate care and educating owners. Explore their pet dental care, grooming, and preventative care on their website and call (636) 528-4534 to schedule a pet wellness exam. For news and pet care tips, connect on Facebook.

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