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This American Self Storage facility is located on the eastern side of the Ross Clark Circle south of the Medical Center. It features climate controlled and non-climate controlled storage as well as boat and RV storage.

4 Things to Do to Prepare Your Boat After Taking It Out of Storage March 26, 2019

4 Things to Do to Prepare Your Boat After Taking It Out of Storage, Dothan, Alabama

As soon as you've taken a boat out of storage, you're likely going to want to get it operational and hit the open water as soon as possible. But, before you do, proper inspection and preparation are essential to ensuring the boat is safe and functional. Here is a checklist of four important things to do to ready your boat.

How to Prepare Your Boat After Storage

1. Check the Engine

The engine is the control center of any boat. Add fuel to the gas tank; if you didn't include a fuel additive before storage, add one now to keep the fuel fresh. Fill the battery with distilled water and test the charge with a battery tester. Remove the battery wires, and use a small wire brush to clean dirt, grease, and rust from each before reattaching. Check the oil, coolant, and power steering fluid levels. Finally, start the engine and listen to make certain it is running smoothly.

2. Inspect Belts & Hoses

It's not uncommon for belts and hoses to come loose after a boat has been in storage. Inspect each one to make sure they are securely attached. Also, look at condition; when a boat is stored for longer periods, belts and hoses can weaken, become brittle and breakable.

3. Look Over the Exterior

storageThe propellers and hull must be free of cracks, bends, dents, and breaks. Check that there are no other obvious signs of physical damage and tighten any loose screws you may find. Drain plugs can also break down over periods of disuse, so replace any that are weak or worn.

4. Ensure Safety Equipment Is in Order

Finally, guarantee that all safety equipment onboard is in good shape. Switch out the batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Look over each life vest and see that they are clean with tight straps and fasteners. Test lights, horns, flares, and whistles. Read the expiration dates on all fire extinguishers and replace if necessary.


Once you've accomplished these tasks, you'll be ready to enjoy the boat, the water, and the beautiful days ahead. For over 20 years, American Self Storage has been offering boat storage options in safe and secure facilities. They also provide individual self-storage units, month-to-month contracts, and convenient billing and payment methods. Visit their website to arrange storage today.

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