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3 Reasons to Use a Tax Refund to Reinstate Your Driver’s License March 27, 2019

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3 Reasons to Use a Tax Refund to Reinstate Your Driver’s License, Mount Healthy, Ohio

If your license was suspended, it can be challenging to get to school or work, and serious convictions might make the reinstatement process expensive. A tax refund can pay some of the expenses, such as securing the necessary insurance. Here are several reasons to use these extra funds to help get back on the road.

3 Benefits of Using Tax Refunds for Driver’s License Reinstatement

1. Pay Off Outstanding Tickets

If you accumulated multiple infractions, start paying off the oldest one first. Your tax return can help you cover multiple tickets if necessary, which can help you get back on the road sooner. Additionally, paying off tickets quickly can help you leave the high-risk driver category sooner than if you maintained an outstanding balance with the courts.

2. Purchase Necessary Insurance & Bonds

insuranceWhether you discontinued insurance while your license was suspended or lost your privileges due to a lapse in coverage, you will need to reinstate your policy if you want to drive again. You’ll also need an SR-22 bond, which is the documentation insurance carriers send to the state’s DMV proving you have coverage. Your tax return can offset the added expense of the SR-22 bond and increased premiums due to your high-risk status.

3. Cover Reinstatement Fees

Depending on the seriousness of the violation, the reinstatement expense can be quite steep. You can use your tax refund to cover these fees, which will avoid disrupting your budget. This, in turn, will help you stay on top of insurance premiums, which will help you avoid another derogatory mark for lapsing coverage.


If you want to reinstate your license with your tax return this year, contact Ohio Insurance Center Agency in Cincinnati, OH, for SR-22 coverage. The independent firm works closely with insurance companies to ensure the coverage will satisfy the DMV’s requirements for high-risk drivers. If your license has been suspended, call (513) 522-6300 to learn more about SR-22 insurance. Check out the website to receive an instant rate quote.

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