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How Do You Stay Organized When Planning a Wedding? March 25, 2019

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How Do You Stay Organized When Planning a Wedding?, Reading, Ohio

A wedding is one of life’s most exciting milestones, but successfully planning an event that manages multiple expectations while staying in the budget can be stressful for couples. Between hiring multiple vendors, scheduling endless appointments, creating guest lists, and keeping track of constantly fluctuating finances, staying organized is essential. To help ensure the wedding planning process runs smoothly, here are a few helpful tips.

3 Tips for Staying Organized While Planning a Wedding

1. Keep Important Information in a Binder

With all of the moving parts involved in planning an event of such magnitude, you don’t want to rely on keeping important information in your head. Instead, it’s helpful to create a binder that houses all of the important details, including the guest list, attendee addresses, and invitation samples. Create sections so that you can quickly find information each time you need it. Bring this binder along with you to the vendor appointments so that you can take notes and access whatever information you might need on the go.

2. Track Costs & Dates in a Spreadsheet

planning an eventWhen it comes to planning a wedding, a spreadsheet is your best friend. Here, you’ll be able to create a document that helps you track upcoming costs, deposits, and important dates. Take advantage of the program’s built-in formulas to easily calculate costs, reflect recent payments, and ensure you’re adhering to the budget. Color-coding the fields can also help you highlight the various vendors and costs, so you can easily obtain information at a glance.

3. Take Everything One Step at a Time

Although there’s much to keep track of when planning an event such as a wedding, don’t overwhelm yourself by taking on everything at once. Pace yourself, take one step at a time, and accept that not everything is going to come together in a day. For instance, maybe you dedicate one month to visiting wedding venues and the next month to focus on finding a wedding DJ.

You’re planning a party for one of the best days of your life, so try to have fun with it and incorporate personal touches that are meaningful to you as a couple. If the stress of planning becomes overwhelming, take the night off and try doing something you both enjoy, such as going on a date night to unwind.

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