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3 Reasons There Is a Higher Chance of Building Fires When It's Cold March 25, 2019

Anchorage, Anchorage, AK
3 Reasons There Is a Higher Chance of Building Fires When It's Cold, Anchorage, Alaska

While the rest of the country may be gearing up for warm, spring sunshine, Alaskan residents know there are still a few more months of freezing temperatures ahead—and with that comes several risks. For example, house and building fires tend to increase when it’s cold out, due to several factors, described below. To protect their homes and office buildings, owners need to be informed of the common causes of these outbreaks so that they can proactively manage the danger. Additionally, consider investing in emergency tools, such as alarms and fire extinguishers to further help your family or employees get out safely.

What Causes Fires to Break Out During the Cold Season?  

1. Heating Appliances

When it’s chilly out, people try to keep their homes comfortable with electronics such as space heaters. Often these devices wind up extremely hot to the touch. When placed within a foot of fabrics, such as curtains or bedding, they can easily spark a fire. Therefore, place these appliances well away from any flammable items and never leave them unattended.

2. Indoor Fire

fire extinguisherAdditionally, during this time of year, people turn on their fireplaces or light candles to create some ambiance. The presence of fire within the home is always a risk, especially when there are children or pets around. Never leave candles or the fireplace burning without being there to supervise. Use spark guards and chimney caps to keep sparks contained. Store fire extinguishers nearby so you can quickly quell any fires that begin.

3. Dry Air

Cold weather often brings with it unusually dry air. That lack of moisture fuels the spread of fire very quickly. Homeowners should clear out all the brush around their home, while business owners should install a fire sprinkler system in their building and store fire extinguishers at regular intervals to put out any flames before they have a chance to spread.


Being proactive about fire prevention is key to safeguarding your family and property. GMW Fire Protection has been providing their residential and commercial clients with fire protection services across Alaska for more than 15 years. From fire alarm systems to fire extinguishers, they’ll analyze threats to your house or business and set you up with everything you need for peace of mind. Contact them online or at (907) 336-5000 to schedule a consultation.

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