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4 Types of Automatic Garage Door Openers to Consider April 22, 2019

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4 Types of Automatic Garage Door Openers to Consider, Greece, New York

Driving in and out of your garage should be a quick and effortless process. Without an automatic garage door opener, however, it becomes much more of a frustrating and exhausting task. While installing the door opener is fairly simple—when completed by a professional—you’ll need to decide on what type of opener is right for your garage first. Here are four options to consider.

4 Different Automatic Garage Door Openers

1. Belt-Drive

True to its name, a belt-driven automatic garage door opener uses a reinforced belt to lift and lower the door. They’re made from several different types of material such as fiberglass, steel-reinforced rubber, and polyurethane. This option provides a smooth and quiet opening and closing, making it a good choice for those with sleeping areas close to the garage. The belt-driven system also has fewer moving parts than other options, reducing breakdowns and maintenance costs.

2. Chain-Drive

garage door companyA chain-driven mechanism is a durable and strong choice. The heavy-duty chain can lift heavy doors (typically older models) repeatedly without too much stress. The units are also an affordable option for those looking for the most cost-effective opener. The chain, however, is loud. If noise isn’t a concern, then this option is right for you.

3. Screw-Drive

Instead of a chain or belt, a screw-drive opener uses a threaded rod to lift the garage door. These unique systems have several benefits. While they aren’t as quiet as belt-driven openers, they have even fewer parts. This, combined with regular and simple maintenance such as applying lubrication, makes them very reliable. Screw-driven systems are also almost twice as fast as chain-driven openers. When installed on older, heavier doors, however, the threaded rod can wear down quicker than other options. 

4. Direct-Drive

This automatic garage door opener differs from a traditional chain-driven system by moving its motor along a stationary chain instead of the motor moving the chain itself. With only one moving part, these openers are very reliable and don’t require a lot of maintenance. They are also even quieter than belt-driven openers.



Whatever type of automatic garage door opener you choose, the professionals of Automatic Garage Door Repair Service can help with the installation. With more than 35 years of service in the Monroe County, NY, area, the company has the knowledge and equipment to repair a wide range of top-quality doors efficiently and affordably. Visit the website for more information on opener installation and repair or call (585) 663-1180 to get your initial quote today.

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