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Why Is Recycling Necessary? March 29, 2019

Wyoming, Wyoming
Why Is Recycling Necessary? , Wyoming, Ohio

In today’s world, recycling concerns more than putting your plastic, metal, and paper products in the correct bins. It’s also about reusing items whenever possible, disposing of hazardous chemicals properly, and reducing electronic waste from laptops, printers, cell phones, televisions, and computer batteries. Learn why recycling is more necessary than ever to the planet’s well-being so you can increase your efforts and subsequently reduce your carbon footprint.

Why Recycling Is Key to Sustainability 

Helps the Environment 

recyclingRecycling contributes to a sustainable planet in several ways. First, it preserves precious resources, such as lumber, to reduce deforestation and prevent issues like limited oxygen production and carbon dioxide absorption. Second, it conserves the large amount of energy used to manufacture raw materials, which again helps protect natural resources, such as waterways, and limits air pollution.

Third, it creates less waste because fewer things get thrown out to make room for new products and materials. This saves room in landfills and mitigates problems like the plastic island in the Pacific Ocean. This unfortunate island, also known as the Great Garbage Patch, is bigger than the state of Texas.

Reduces Greenhouse Gases

More harmful chemicals exist now than ever before. These can be found in everything from cleaning products and auto maintenance chemicals to makeup or skincare products and paint. Detrimental chemicals and greenhouse gases released from landfill waste enter the atmosphere to break down the ozone layer and create a hotter planet.

Extra chemicals in the air also contribute to a variety of health problems. These can include heart diseases and respiratory issues like asthma. Efficient recycling practices help reduce landfill waste.


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