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3 Benefits Video Games Provide Older Adults June 19, 2019

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3 Benefits Video Games Provide Older Adults, Lakeville, New York

Video games unlock new worlds of fantasy and myth, make anyone a “guitar hero,” and provide hours of puzzle-solving fun among many other things. Once reserved for young people, nearly half of Americans over the age of 50 currently engage in video game play. If you are devising a new home health care program for the beloved senior in your life, learn what makes video games a viable part of your wellness plan.

3 Ways Video Games Benefit Seniors

1. Improves Balance & Multitasking

Encourage your older loved one to play video games for physical benefits such as improved balance and speedier walking. Video games such as the classic Tetris require complete focus and quick decision-making to improve physical capabilities in older adults. It also improves multitasking abilities because games often require performing several tasks at a time.

2. Increases Cognitive Focus

home health careSuggest playing strategy video games such as World of Warcraft to improve spatial ability and cognitive focus. Multi-player, role-playing games exercise the mind to help older adults strategize and learn new things. Brains in learning mode create new synapses between neurons, resulting in thousands of new connections that improve overall cognitive function.

3. Enhances Mood

Enjoy a happier older loved one when they regularly play video games as part of home health care. Problem-solving and strategizing contribute to self-esteem and feelings of accomplishment, while games played with you, other family members, or fellow online players provide socialization benefits that help prevent low moods and depression.


If you are looking for a home health care provider to assist you in caring for your older loved one, contact Lifetime Care today. Featuring locations in Rochester, Newark, Auburn, Lakeville, and Dundee, NY and serving the Finger Lakes region since 1960, this home health care and hospice service provides a wide scope of options to help seniors enjoy their golden years. Call (585) 214-1000 to discuss your loved one’s needs or visit the website for more information. Get additional home elderly care tips on Facebook.

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