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3 Ways Eating Sushi Keeps You Healthy March 28, 2019

Waialae - Kahala, Honolulu
3 Ways Eating Sushi Keeps You Healthy, Honolulu, Hawaii

Although there are variations, rice, vegetables, seaweed, and fish are the ingredients commonly used to make sushi. The individual foods contain various vitamins and minerals that boost bodily function. Here are just a few reasons to eat more of the Japanese staple to improve your health.   

3 Health Benefits Associated With Sushi

1. Control Weight

Whereas many foods are cooked in oil and butter, sushi’s ingredients are often served raw, which keeps the calorie count low. You can enjoy the savory fare without packing on the pounds. The rice can also help you feel full longer, reducing the urge to snack between meals.  

2. Lower Risk of Heart Problems

Aiea-Honolulu-Pearl-City-Hawaii-sushiFrom salmon to ahi, different fish are used as the protein bases for sashimi, sushi rolls, and nigiri. Fish is high in omega-3 fatty acids. The unsaturated fats decrease inflammation, protecting blood vessels. As a result, there’s less of a chance of developing blood clots and experiencing high blood pressure that leads to strokes and heart attacks. 

3. Heal Faster 

From cuts to scrapes, eating sushi can help wounds heal quickly. Apart from omega-3 fatty acids, fish is also a rich source of iron, as is the soy sauce often used for dipping. Red blood cells contain much of the iron in your body. The mineral boosts red blood cell levels, which aids tissue recovery.


To take advantage of the health benefits sushi provides, order a meal at Kozo Sushi. With multiple locations on the island of Oahu, the restaurant has become a favorite among visitors and residents craving hand rolls, donburi, and other flavorful Japanese food made with fresh, locally grown ingredients. Browse the complete menu online, or call the location nearest you to order takeout: (808) 951-5696 for Moiliili, (808) 946-5696 for Keeaumoku, (808) 455-6805 for Pearl City, (808) 483-6805 for Pearlridge Shopping Center, or (808) 738-5696 for Kahala Mall.

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