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5 Ways to Create a Memorable Slideshow for a Funeral Service March 27, 2019

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5 Ways to Create a Memorable Slideshow for a Funeral Service, Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin

As part of a meaningful and personalized funeral service, you may wish to display photos of your loved one's life. A lovingly created slideshow can help honor the deceased and remind guests of the brightest parts of this person’s life. Here are a few suggestions for creating a memorable funeral slideshow.

How to Create an Effective Funeral Service Slideshow

1. Gather Photos

Funeral ServiceAs you make funeral plans, get in touch with the closest friends and family members of your loved one. Ask for any photos and videos they may have. This will help widen your selection of media, and may even show you moments and memories you weren't aware of.

2. Decide on a Message

A good slideshow is more than a series of random pictures. It tells a story about your loved one, either about the course of their life or about the kind of person they were. Look for common threads running through the pictures and videos you choose; these shared themes can guide you as you organize the slideshow.

3. Choose Music

A touching song can make a funeral service feel much more personal. Choose music that was important to the deceased, or reminds you of them, and use it as accompaniment for the slideshow. Most family members choose soft and slow music, but feel free to choose something more upbeat if it suits the personality of your loved one.

4. Plan Transitions

The transitions between images are surprisingly important. If you’re fading between images and videos, adjust the speed of the fade to match the tempo of the music you’ve chosen. This will help keep the feeling of the slideshow consistent.

5. Keep It Short

The most effective slideshows are between three and five minutes in length. Since you should display each photo for several seconds, you should prepare between 40 and 80 photos. Ideally, the slideshow should last for the duration of the music you've chosen.


For help planning a meaningful funeral service, go to Herman-Taylor Funeral Home & Cremation Center in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. Since 1953, they have provided skilled and compassionate service to Wood County residents, offering burial and cremation services as well as planning and hosting memorial services. To start planning, call (715) 423-5460 or contact them online.

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