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How to Plan for Your Home Addition March 22, 2019

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How to Plan for Your Home Addition, Milford, Connecticut

Planning a home addition is an excellent way to add value to your living space. Building an extension can also help you make your property more functional while maintaining or even enhancing its existing character. If you’re thinking about adding to your home, here are three important factors to keep in mind.

3 Ways to Get Ready for Your Home Addition

1. Consider Duration

Minor home improvements may only take a few hours. Major home additions are far more substantial in scope and can take weeks to complete. Securing any needed permits, ordering materials, and completing quality labor can take time, and unpredictable factors such as weather or supplier delays could slow down the process. Top-notch results are well worth the wait, but if you’re hoping to have the job done by a specific date, reach out to a contractor as soon as possible for a quote to ensure you can meet that goal. 

2. Design for Value

home additionWhen planning a home addition, work with professionals who will create a blueprint that will increase your home’s worth. An architect or remodeling expert will help you make aesthetic choices to ensure the new wing of your home blends seamlessly in with the old both on the interior and the exterior. They’ll also help you decide whether building out by extending your home horizontally at ground level, building up by adding another level, or creating a detached addition is the best way to yield the best return on investment. A qualified and experienced remodeling company will provide expert advice on what types of additions prove most attractive and useful over time. Once it’s time to build, they’ll also provide sturdy, safe, and high-quality craftsmanship that fulfills all code requirements. A financial planner will help you craft a financing and tax plan that maximizes your gains from the project. 

3. Reduce Energy Costs

All homes can benefit from taking measures to improve their energy efficiency. You’ll reduce your long-term costs by making plans with your building contractor to add more efficient features to the new addition, such as Energy Star®-rated windows to insulation to appliances. The upfront costs are well worth the savings you’ll accrue on your utility bills over time, and can also make your home more enticing for potential buyers if and when you put it on the market. 


The professionals at E H Home Remodeling in Milford, CT, are committed to bringing your vision to life. If you’re interested in hiring a qualified building contractor for your home addition, trust them to complete the job to your satisfaction. In addition, they’ll assist with other types of home improvements, such as upgrading your roofing and siding or installing new doors and windows. Visit their website for information or call (203) 877-6498 to schedule an appointment.

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