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5 Ways to Modernize Your Bathroom May 1, 2019

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5 Ways to Modernize Your Bathroom, Anchorage, Alaska

Many people dream of bringing an outdated bathroom, with older custom countertops or inefficient appliances, into the 21st century with a few key upgrades. There are a few key moves that can increase functionality and your home’s value. Here are a few steps to consider taking during your remodeling project.

How Should You Update a Bathroom?

1. Create a Bold Backsplash

Today, many designers create focal points with brightly colored tiles. Instead of installing the sink on a wall of painted plaster, prevent mold and moisture issues by placing bold tiles up the wall. Go with black and white checkered patterns for a classic look or choose primary colors like red, yellow, and blue for a more significant statement.

2. Try a Monochromatic Color Scheme

If you’re looking to make the new bathroom look high end, adopt a monochromatic color scheme. Shades of white, gray, and black will create a sophisticated feel that’s reminiscent of a spa or fancy hotel. Choose a focal color and then work different tones in throughout the room. Gray floors, a white tub, and black and gray tiles will create this look with ease.

3. Swap Out the Hardware

custom countertopsWhile there are many prominent bathroom features to focus on, don’t forget the little details like drawer pulls and towel holders. Changing old ceramic knobs to chrome bars will instantly change the look of cabinets. Remove the faucet and install an energy-efficient model that will provide better water pressure.

4. Install Custom Countertops

Have you always dreamed of making use of bathroom space with beautiful custom countertops? Contractors can create a personalized vanity featuring two sinks to make morning preparation faster and more convenient for your family. Plus, you'll enjoy the ample storage space underneath the custom countertops.

5. Include Fun Accessories

Hang calming artwork on the walls to further amplify the spa feel. Then, install mirrors to add the appearance of spaciousness. Update the lighting to provide ambient recessed illumination and task lights for makeup application and teeth brushing. Finally, place a few plants on the windowsill or countertop to bring in some green and improve the air quality.


When you’re ready to start a bathroom remodeling project, contact Rino’s Tile & Stone in Anchorage, AK, to begin designing custom countertops. The locally owned and operated business features high standards for their imported materials and offers the best slab stone in town. Call (907) 743-1075 or visit their website for more information on their slate, granite, quartz, and marble options.

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