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4 Ways to Keep Pets Safe Near Swimming Pools  April 8, 2019

Kihei, Maui
4 Ways to Keep Pets Safe Near Swimming Pools , Kihei, Hawaii

Although many homeowners think about the safety of their children when installing swimming pools, protecting four-legged family members is sometimes overlooked. Seeing their humans splash around can pique the curiosity of canine companions, and courageous dogs might try to leap into the water. Keep the following advice in mind to keep your pet out of harm’s way while family and friends enjoy the pool.

4 Strategies to Make Your Swimming Pool Area Safe for Pets

1. Purchase a Life Vest

If you plan to let your dog near the pool, there are products designed to keep animals safe in and near water. Putting a life vest on your pup will ensure they float if they fall or jump in. You can also install an alarm system around the swimming pool with sensors that sync to your dog’s collar. You can activate the alarm when no one’s near the pool, and the alarm will sound if it detects your dog is in water.

2. Give Your Dog Swimming Lessons

swimming poolSwim lessons will acclimate your pooch, so that they won’t fear the water or panic when they get in the pool. Dogs learn to paddle the more time they spend in the water, so make sure to watch them closely each time they get in the pool.

3. Put up a Safety Fence

To prevent dangerous accidents, swimming pool owners are often required to install barriers around the pool area. However, you might also want to place portable safety fencing directly around the pool. By installing this fence, your dog can run around the yard unattended, and you won’t have to worry about of them accessing the water. When the pool is ready to use, you can remove the temporary barrier.

4. Install an Access Ramp

If your dog does leap in the pool, it could be difficult and disorienting for them to find their way out. To prepare for this situation, consider putting a ramp in the pool. It’ll be easier for your pet to walk up the short incline to get to safety.


If you need pool maintenance to keep the installation safe for human and canine swimmers, contact the professionals at Pool Pro in Kihei, HI. This local company specializes in installing and maintaining above-ground and in-ground pools. Their knowledgeable team will also recommend a variety of products to properly care for your swimming pool. To learn more about their services, call (808) 879-3294. Visit the company online for more information on their maintenance process.

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