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How Your Local Deli Will Help You Plan Easter Dinner March 22, 2019

Port Jervis, Orange
How Your Local Deli Will Help You Plan Easter Dinner, Port Jervis, New York

With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what to serve your guests. Your local deli has an abundance of goodies for Easter dinner, as well as a few ideas to ensure your feast stands out from the rest. The guide below explains a few ideas to help you prepare. 

What Deli Catering to Get for Easter

Side Dishes

Along with mashed potatoes, vegetables, and pasta salad, kielbasa is a heartier side dish to serve your guests. An important part of the Polish Easter tradition, kielbasa is a meat sausage that can be served hot or cold depending on your taste. It can be made from a mixture of beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and even veal. Delis typically offer a fresh, diverse selection. Try these savory delights dressed with mustard or a horseradish-beetroot relish. 

Main Courses

deliHam is a traditional staple of most Easter traditions and choosing the right size is crucial to ensure your guests are satisfied. If you’re having a small gathering, a quarter ham weighing about three to four pounds is a safe bet. If you’re expecting more guests and plan to serve another meat, such as herb-roasted turkey, a half ham should work well. For large crowds where you plan on having ham as your centerpiece, a juicy whole-sized variety is your best bet.


In keeping with the Polish tradition, oven-fresh Easter babka is the perfect option for dessert. Babka is a sweet, pillowy bread that can be flavored with icing, raisins soaked in rum, or served plain depending on your tastes. Babka is the Polish word for grandmother, and some say the name is derived from a top-bun hairstyle preferred by elderly Polish women in years past. Regardless of your heritage, babka is a tasty treat and a perfect complement to a platter of light, buttery cookies.  


JJ International Delicatessen has everything you need to feed family and friends this Easter. As a beloved Port Jervis, NY, fixture, this deli offers a wide selection of fresh and tasty items. They provide a vast array of fine European specialties, such as Polish kielbasa, fresh kielbasa, delicious Polish ham which is perfect as the centerpiece of your Easter table, and a variety of imported meats and cheeses. Don’t forget the great selection of German and Polish Easter candy as well.  Stop by today or call (845) 858-1142 for more information. Take a look at their menu by visiting the website.

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