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5 Tips for Portable Toilet Etiquette April 3, 2019

Trenton, Trenton
5 Tips for Portable Toilet Etiquette, Trenton, Ohio

With so many outdoor events coming up this spring and summer, using a portable toilet is inevitable. Because you must share a porta-potty with other attendees, practicing good etiquette will make everyone’s day less stressful. Below are five tips to remember when using a portable toilet this season.

Good Manners for Porta-Potties

1. Take Turns

No matter how busy the event is or how long the line may be, wait your turn. Be patient as the line moves and never attempt to cut. If you step out of line for any reason, head to the back and start over. Do not try to regain your position or try to sneak behind a friend.

2. Be Efficient

Get in and get out. Do your business in the portable toilet as quickly as you can so you aren’t holding up the line. Be considerate of others waiting, especially if lines are long. Even though events with large crowds should have multiple porta-potties to use, it does not mean you can take your time as if you were at home.

3. Avoid Extra Activities

Refrain from other activities in the portable toilet like applying makeup, smoking, and texting. If you know you need to take longer and want to do more than use the facilities, scope out a public restroom nearby and take a walk over.

4. Clean Up

portable toiletLeave the portable toilet in at least the condition you found it. Don’t leave toilet paper and trash all over the floor and be sure to flush. Think about how you would feel walking into a porta-potty after a messy person.

5. Consider Kids

If you have children in tow, consider hiking to a public restroom if available. Kids typically take longer than adults and having them use a portable toilet at a busy event will hold up the line. For children in diapers, try to use an area specifically designed for families that has a changing table.


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