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How to Load a Vehicle Onto a Car Hauler Trailer March 15, 2019

West Chester, Butler
How to Load a Vehicle Onto a Car Hauler Trailer, West Chester, Ohio

Perhaps your vehicle will be among the showpieces at a local or regional car show. Maybe you are moving across the state or country. Whatever your reasons for needing a car hauler trailer rental, the importance of loading the vehicle correctly cannot be stressed enough. Proper loading keeps the car safe during transport to prevent serious accidents and injuries.

How to Correctly Load a Vehicle on a Car Hauler

Inspect the Trailer Rental & Couple It to the Tow Vehicle

Inspect your trailer rental for anything that can compromise the vehicle’s safety, including loose or damaged tie-down rings that can cause the vehicle’s and, subsequently the hauler’s, center of gravity to shift during transit. Look at the floor as well for any signs of damage, such as sharp edges that can puncture vehicle tires.

trailer rentalCouple the trailer rental to the tow vehicle next, ensuring the chains as well as the coupler are securely attached. Never load a car without securing the trailer rental and tow vehicle first to prevent serious damage and potential injuries. Check the trailer’s electrical wiring function and make certain the parking brake is activated on the tow vehicle before you proceed with loading.

Secure the Ramps & Drive the Car Onto the Trailer Rental

Place blocking underneath the rear of the hauler unless it comes with rear stabilizers to accommodate your vehicle’s weight as you drive it onto the trailer. Park the car in front of the trailer rental so its wheels are aligned with the ramp. Slowly drive the car onto the trailer rental after making sure no people are within close proximity of the hauler or the tow vehicle.

Stop the car once you reach the front section of the trailer and activate the parking brake. Step out of your car and secure it to the trailer using what straps, chains, or similar security features are available. Put the ramp back into its storage space on the trailer rental and drive the tow vehicle no faster than 55 miles per hour to stay safe on the road.


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