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What Causes Bleeding Gums and What Can I Do About Them? March 27, 2019

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What Causes Bleeding Gums and What Can I Do About Them?, High Point, North Carolina

Despite your best efforts to brush, floss, and visit your dentist, you might still find that you suffer from bleeding gums. If so, you must take the right steps to keep your gums healthy and reverse the effects of gum disease. Read on to see what you need to know.

Why Do Gums Bleed?

Bleeding gums are caused by a buildup of plaque along the gum line. Germs within the plaque attack gum tissues, and this causes a wide range of problems. Bleeding, swelling, and tenderness are common in the earliest stages of gum disease or gingivitis. If you don’t go to a dentist for help with bleeding gums, you may experience more serious symptoms like gum recession and even tooth loss.

Other factors impact your risk of developing gum disease. For instance, the food you eat can increase plaque buildup, especially if you’re not diligent about brushing and flossing. Smoking puts you at greater risk, as do certain medications such as antidepressants. The risk of gum disease also tends to increase as you grow older.

How Can You Treat Bleeding Gums?

dentistIf you have bleeding gums, the first thing you should do is schedule a visit with your dentist. They can determine how advanced the issue is and clean your teeth to remove plaque and tartar. Your dentist will also offer oral hygiene tips. For instance, make sure you brush along the gum line using gentle pressure to remove plaque. Flossing is just as important, as it gets rids of plaque that brushing alone might miss.


Gum health is an essential part of good dental care. That’s why the team at High Point Smile Dentistry in High Point, NC, provide patients with helpful information and a wide range of effective treatments. They offer teeth cleanings, treatment for cavities, cosmetic procedures, orthodontics, and restorative services. Schedule an appointment with a dentist by calling (336) 884-4000. You can also visit them online for a complete listing of procedures.

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