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5 Ways to Simplify Your Assisted Living Search March 14, 2019

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5 Ways to Simplify Your Assisted Living Search, Greece, New York

When an older loved one requires extra help in their daily life, transitioning them to an assisted living center is one option to consider. These communities are designed to provide both personal and medical support in a comfortable environment that is optimized for seniors. But since these facilities can all vary in terms of the resources they provide, it’s important to carefully explore each option. To improve your elder care planning, here are five tips to keep in mind when selecting an assisted living center.

5 Tips to Help Your Loved One Find a Suitable Assisted Living Center

1. Take a Tour & Try a Meal 

The best way to ensure a facility will accommodate your needs is to tour it in person. During the visit, you and your loved one will have an opportunity to assess the community, the rooms, and the nature of care provided by the staff. You can also take time to try a meal prepared on-site, ask questions, and check out activities. If the tour leaves you feeling positive, it may be the right fit.

2. Consider Distance

If you want to visit your loved one often, you’ll want to choose a facility that is located relatively close to your home or work. It might also be more convenient to choose a center that is close to their medical team.

3. Explore Recreational Activities 

elder care planningWhen addressing physical fitness needs of elder care planning, look for places that offer regular exercise classes, such as low-impact water aerobics or senior yoga. You’ll also want to find a community that offers social activities to keep your loved one connected with fellow residents, including arts and crafts clubs, movie screenings, and shopping excursions.

4. Address Special Medical Needs

If you’re loved one has a specific chronic condition that’s of concern, you’ll want a facility that has the trained staff and resources to provide specialized care. For example, individuals with dementia may fare better in a community that offers memory care. Those with disabilities or limited mobility may also benefit from having access to physical therapy resources.

5. Verify Medicare Eligibility 

For many seniors, Medicare can assist with the cost of assisted living and medical treatment. Before you start elder care planning, find out if your loved one is eligible for Medicare. Next, consider assisted facilities that are approved for Medicare coverage. Without this approval, you will likely be responsible for all the costs.


Elder care planning can be a complex process, especially when you’re tending to the needs of someone you love. That’s why Hurley Care Solutions offers comprehensive guidance to help you explore your options. Taking time to learn about your needs, this Monroe County, NY, consulting agency will connect you to the best resources for your loved one, including in-home care and assisted living options. They are also able to help determine Medicare eligibility. To learn more about these useful resources, visit this team online or call them at (585) 471-5239.