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Why Proper Excavation Is Essential for Construction Site Development March 21, 2019

Enterprise, Coffee
Why Proper Excavation Is Essential for Construction Site Development, Enterprise, Alabama

A structure is only as strong as its foundation, and a foundation can only be strong if the site on which it was poured was prepared properly. That’s why quality building starts long before construction begins. In fact, it starts with land clearing. Here's why proper excavation is critical for site development regardless of the size or scope of the project.

To Identify & Address Potential Problems

The excavation process can reveal virtually everything about a piece of undeveloped land. This includes water tables, soil composition, existing underground infrastructure, and wildlife. If any of these features will pose a problem during construction, they can be addressed during the initial site development. Having a comprehensive understanding of the land’s characteristics will also allow the architect to find the best orientation possible for the structure—and to adjust the blueprints as needed before building starts.

To Prevent Shifting & Erosion

site developmentThere are two major stages of excavation: breaking the land down and then building it back up. Once the land has been cleared, it will be necessary to prepare the earth for construction. For example, if the soil is not suitable for building, it will have to be modified. Likewise, any drainage issues will have to be addressed before pouring the foundation. Finally, the land will have to be reinforced and then leveled. Otherwise, shifting and erosion—which can cause major damage like cracks in the foundation—are essentially inevitable.


For comprehensive excavation services, turn to Beckham Septic Tanks and Ditching Service in Enterprise, AL. A family-owned company, they have been in business since 1947. If you’re in Coffee, Dale, Geneva, Houston, or Pike County, you can turn to them for the site development of your next building project. Excavation isn’t the only service they provide, though. They also offer erosion control, demolition, and septic installation. To request a quote for the work you need done, visit their website or call (334) 347-2362.

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