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Top 5 Foods Your Dentist Hopes You Avoid April 10, 2019

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Top 5 Foods Your Dentist Hopes You Avoid, High Point, North Carolina

Your favorite foods may also be the hardest on your health and teeth. If you’ve noticed every trip to the dentist ends in fillings, improve your dental hygiene routine and examine your diet for foods that might be promoting tooth decay. Here are the top five your dentist wishes you’d stop eating or consume in moderation.

5 Foods Your Dentist Wants You to Stop Eating

1. Candy

Hard candy coats your teeth with a sugary film and chewy candy sticks in your teeth for hours. Skip it altogether, or brush after consuming it. If you don’t have time to brush, keep a floss holder in your pocket and make a quick trip to the bathroom to remove sticky residue from between the teeth.  

2. Soda & Juice

dentistSoda and juice are filled with sugar, and even diet sodas destroy tooth enamel. Your dentist and your doctor would agree that eliminating these beverages from your diet will leave your whole body in better health. If you occasionally choose soda or juice, use a straw to avoid passing the beverage over your teeth.

3. Too Much Citrus

Citrus fruit has lots of vitamins your body needs, but the acid eats away at the enamel on your teeth. When you do consume citrus, choose an orange over orange juice because juice allows you to consume more sugar quickly. Follow up your fruit with a glass of water to wash away the acid. Also, consider using a toothpaste for sensitive teeth if you find worn enamel has led to discomfort.

4. Ice Cubes

Ice is great for chilling a drink—if you can resist the urge to crunch it. Whether it’s cubed or crushed, chewing it is a recipe for chipped teeth. Chips can easily turn into cracks that require more extensive repair, so if you chip a tooth while chewing ice cubes, see your dentist as soon as possible.

5. Dried Fruits

Dried fruit may seem healthy, but it’s actually loaded with sugar. Its sticky texture also means it easily gets caught in your teeth, and can be tricky to remove even with brushing. If you love trail mix, keep it light on dried fruit, or take the time to brush your teeth or rinse after consuming.


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