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​Get Some Extra Summer Cash For Used Items at AZ Pawn July 24, 2015

Norwich, New London
​Get Some Extra Summer Cash For Used Items at AZ Pawn, Norwich, Connecticut

AZ Pawn is Norwich, CT’s most trusted pawn shop. For more than a decade, they’ve built an unmatchable reputation for selling quality products and offering fast cash for pawns and cash loans. With the largest inventory in Connecticut, this pawn shop houses everything from televisions and computers to cars, motorcycles and musical instruments. Got something to pawn? Bring it in today and leave with more money than you came with.

The dog days of summer are here, and if you’re not on vacation or working, chances are you’re in your home staying cool. If you need some extra cash, why not clean up around the house and pawn off the things that you don’t use? Check out this list of valuable goods that may be lying around your garage or basement:

  • Jewelry, gold and silver. For the biggest bang for your buck, empty your drawers of all that old jewelry that you never wear and bring it down to AZ Pawn for the highest payout in the state.
  • Tools. Remember when you got a new toolbox and never got rid of the old tools? Box up your power tools, hand tools, and garden tools and take them all to AZ Pawn today.
  • Electronics. We’ve all got them—TVs we don’t use anymore, cell phones, video game systems, cameras, computers and digital cameras, so why keep them in storage when you can cash them in?
  • Guitars, drums and other instruments. Whether you’ve got a guitar collection and you're looking to downsize or your kid picked up the drums in high school and never played again, get rid of them! AZ Pawn accepts band and orchestra instruments, too.

Don’t be a pack rat; clear out all that clutter and make a pile for keep and a pile for pawn. AZ Pawn is happy to take everything off your hands and put a wad of cash in your pocket. Call their friendly staff today at (860) 889-4474, or check out their website for more information.

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