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3 Reasons To Add a Skylight to Your Workplace March 22, 2019

Anchorage, Anchorage County
3 Reasons To Add a Skylight to Your Workplace, Anchorage, Alaska

You spend at least 40 hours in your workplace every week. It truly makes a difference when the building has a pleasant atmosphere. Some office managers choose to do this by purchasing indoor plants or investing in quality furniture. While these are both effective ways to improve employee satisfaction and productivity, there’s one option that many people ignore: installing commercial skylights. Skylights provide workplaces with an array of tangible benefits; below are three of the most important. 

3 Reasons To Add Commercial Skylights

1. Reduce Energy Consumption

Successful businesses know how to cut unnecessary costs. Your commercial building needs heating and lighting, but there’s no point in paying more for these comforts than you need to. Skylights made with quality commercial glass foster solar gain – in other words, heat from sunlight that helps keep interiors warm during cold weather. They also provide more natural light so you don’t have to rely on as much electricity during the day.

2. Improve Workplace Productivity 

commercial-skylightsEver notice how your coworkers lose a bit of their motivation in the winter when the days are shorter? Natural light makes humans more productive, whereas a lack of it can lead to mood instability. Adding commercial skylights is an easy way to increase the amount of natural light in your office or commercial building throughout the year. It may not perk people up as much as a cup of coffee, but it increases overall productivity and satisfaction at work, and it also lasts a lot longer. 

3. Enhance Interior Vibes

People want to feel pride when they think about their workplace. A dull and drab building does little to make employees enthused about where they work. A skylight is a classic architectural element that adds character to a building. The increased natural light from commercial skylights isn’t just beautiful – it’s healthier than artificial and fluorescent lighting. Be sure to install your skylight with a quality commercial glass that reduces UV glare, thereby cutting down on eye strain throughout the workplace. 

For over 25 years, home and business owners in Anchorage, AK have trusted Statewide Door & Glass for their commercial glass and door services. They work with clients to find affordable options that also reduce energy consumption and add value to properties. Call them today at (907) 562-2074 or visit their website to learn more about their wide array of services. 

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