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What Causes Fire Alarms to Go Off When There’s Not a Fire? March 21, 2019

Anchorage, Anchorage, AK
What Causes Fire Alarms to Go Off When There’s Not a Fire?, Anchorage, Alaska

Fire alarms are essential for keeping homes and businesses safe. They’re designed to detect smoke or excessive heat rising in the air and then alert all building occupants so they can get to safety and contact the authorities. However, they can sometimes malfunction or detect non-existent fires. These false alarms may not seem like a big deal, but they can have serious consequences if not addressed properly.

Your Guide to False Fire Alarms

What Causes False Alarms?

If there’s no actual fire, an alarm may sound due to smoke or steam in the air. This often happens if you’re cooking something that is smoky or taking a particularly hot shower. However, malfunctions can also occur due to foreign objects coming into contact with the sensor. For example, dirt or water can seep inside the detector, or a bug might even crawl inside. If your false alarm isn’t due to one of these reasons, it may be going off to alert you that the batteries are low or the detector itself is failing and needs to be replaced.

Why False Alarms Are Dangerous

fire alarmsHomeowners that experience false alarms may be more likely to disregard the alarm sounds in the case of an actual emergency. Even those that do respond don’t always move with the same sense of urgency, and quickness can be vital during an actual fire. In some cases, homeowners might even remove fire alarms or take out the batteries altogether due to frustrations with the constant interruptions, leaving you with no type of notification system for emergencies. All of these outcomes can have deadly consequences, so instead of removing your alarms, have an inspection performed to find the root cause and solve it.


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