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3 Tips for Writing a Meaningful Funeral Obituary March 29, 2019

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3 Tips for Writing a Meaningful Funeral Obituary, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky

A funeral obituary is more than an announcement of someone’s passing. It’s also an opportunity to tell the story of a person’s life and how they lived it. A meaningful obituary is less about the logistics of their death and more about the celebration of the life they lived. If you’ve been tasked with this important job, here are a few tips to help make an obituary memorable. 

3 Steps to Writing a Meaningful Funeral Obituary 

1. Keep the Logistical Details Brief

The first thing to include in an obituary is the news of the person’s passing. Keep this brief — no more than a sentence or two. Include the date, their age, and the names of the people closest to them. Use words like “loving” and “beloved.” Don’t linger here. Though this part is important, keep in mind that the focus of the obituary and funeral shouldn’t be about their death, but rather, celebrating their life.  Close your obituary with the details of the service, such as time and place.

2. Tell Their Storyfuneral-obituary

The body of the obituary is where you tell your loved one’s story. Include when and where they were born, where they went to school, and mention their accomplishments. Do your research. Talk to those who were closest to your loved one to uncover more than the key highlights. Sometimes the smallest details do the best job of capturing a person’s essence. Mention their favorite books or food, hobbies they enjoyed, and the people that meant the most to them. 

3. Be Mindful of Tone

Funeral obituaries don’t have to be sad. If the person was funny in life, they’d want to be remembered that way. The tone you use serves as yet another way to tell the story of who the person was and how they lived. Know your audience. Though this announcement will be public, your focus audience should be the family and friends. Mention a humorous memory to make them smile, or include a funny expression the deceased may have said. This helps to keep your loved one’s memory vibrant.


Need help writing a meaningful funeral obituary? For over 150 years Middendorf Funeral Home has been helping the people of Northern Kentucky deal with the logistical and emotional aspects of losing a loved one. From obituary writing to service planning, this family-owned business continues a tradition of care and compassion that’s five generations strong. Check out their list of services to see how they can help, or give them a call at (859) 341-7800 with any questions you have. 

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