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3 Recyclable Scrap Metals You Can Find Around the House March 28, 2019

Wyoming, Wyoming
3 Recyclable Scrap Metals You Can Find Around the House, Wyoming, Ohio

Recycling doesn’t just help the environment — when you recycle scrap metals, you can also help your wallet. Most recycling facilities will actually pay individuals who bring in scrap metal. Many items can be found around the house. Here is a closer look at some of the most common metals you could recycle from your home.

The Top 3 Household Recyclable Scrap Metals

1. Aluminum

Most homeowners know that their aluminum soda cans are recyclable, but this metal can be found in many other places in the home. For example, window frames and gutters are often made from aluminum. Though it isn’t as costly as other metals, it is still worth recycling if you are replacing old aluminum fixtures around the house.

2. Copper

Another common household metal, copper is going to deliver the greatest value when you bring it into a recycling center. Though some gutters and pipes are made from it, it’s most often found inside electrical wiring. Because it plays such a vital role in electrical components and the production of many tech products, it has a much higher trade-in value.

3. Brass

scrap metalsUpgrading your home often results in large quantities of scrap metal — particularly when it comes to cosmetic improvements. Door handles and light fixtures are often made using brass. If you are replacing these fixtures to update your home decor, it’s well worth bringing the old items to a recycling center. Though brass isn’t worth as much as copper, the density of these fixtures will result in a heavier drop-off and more money for your wallet.


If you have scrap metals lying around the house, take it to David Hirschberg Steel & Recycling Center in Cincinnati, OH. Founded in 1913, this recycling center is committed to providing excellent customer service and fair prices for your reusable metals. To learn more about their services, visit them online or call (513) 821-0514.

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