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Top 3 Benefits of Self-Storage for Business Owners March 29, 2019

Groveton, Lee
Top 3 Benefits of Self-Storage for Business Owners, Lee, Virginia

When people think of self-storage, they tend to picture small spaces used to hold personal belongings while relocating or decluttering a home. However, storage units are also excellent resources for business owners. Below are a few surprising ways self-storage services can help you and your business.

3 Ways a Self-Storage Facility Can Help You

1. Store Documentsself-storage

As you surely know, businesses generate an abundance of paperwork. Keeping specific documents like tax papers, receipts, and customer records on file for years clutters up an office, and these documents also run the risk of falling into the wrong hands. Storing your confidential documents in a storage unit security features like surveillance systems and code locks protects them from prying eyes.

2. Save Space

If seasonal items like visual displays and furniture take up too much space at your business, a storage unit will let you keep these belongings secure until they’re needed. Self-storage lets you store and withdraw items as you please. Your employees and customers will appreciate a well-organized environment that isn’t bogged down with clutter.

3. Hold Inventory

If you have too many products on hand at your place of work, it can be a hassle trying to fit everything inside without cluttering the space or creating potential safety or fire hazards. Instead of packing your business with goods you can’t immediately sell or use, you can put these items in self-storage until they’re needed. You can also use the storage unit as a small e-commerce warehouse to sell your surplus items. This practice could help streamline your selling process and generate more business.


As the go-to self-storage facility in Alexandria, VA, for several decades, the team at Holly Hill Self Storage are here to help you manage your personal or commercial storage needs. With an impressive range of rental sizes, climate regulation features, a thorough surveillance system, and complimentary moving truck services, you can be confident that your belongings will be secure. To speak with a helpful team member about storage rental, call (703) 765-3115 or visit them online today.