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How Is the Aging Process Different for Men? March 21, 2019

Hell's Kitchen, Manhattan
How Is the Aging Process Different for Men? , Manhattan, New York

Men and women often worry about different aspects of their appearance as they grow older, but did you know the aging process is actually slightly different between the sexes? This can impact how changes to your lifestyle impact the way you look and feel. Here is a little more information about how men age, and how spa treatments can help. 

How Does Aging Differ Between Men & Women? 

Since men have higher levels of some hormones, such as testosterone, they tend to have thicker skin than women, which can be a benefit in terms of aging. Men’s skin is up to 25% thicker than women’s and has more collagen fibers, warding off wrinkles and undereye circles. However, since most men don’t have an established skin care routine that involves SPF, sun damage tends to be more of a problem for men. 

Additionally, men are more likely to experience hair loss, especially if male pattern baldness runs in your family. In fact, men can lose as much as 20% of their hair in their 20s and another 20% in their 30s.

What Can Men Do to Slow Down Aging? 

spa treatments While there isn’t anything you can do to halt time, you can slow the effects of aging by living a healthy lifestyle and getting certain spa treatments. Facials and massages can help increase blood flow and improve lymphatic response to make skin healthier and younger-looking, while spa treatments such as laser therapy and micro-needling can help with hair loss. Wearing a daily sunscreen with a high SPF can also help with skin care, reducing issues like sunburn, skin cancer development, and premature aging. 


Taking care of yourself is crucial to feeling your best and slowing down the natural effects of aging, which is why booking spa treatments at New Paradise Men's Spa can help. As a luxurious male-only day spa located conveniently in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan, NY, you can enjoy everything from a relaxing massage and shave to a rejuvenating facial and pedicure. Book your next appointment online, or give their front desk a call at (646) 559-1621.

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