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Why You Should Change Your Tires in Early Spring March 15, 2019

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Why You Should Change Your Tires in Early Spring, Anchorage, Alaska

The home stretch of winter is finally here which means it’s time to begin spring auto maintenance including switching out your winter tires. Instead of waiting until later in the season to do this, it’s often beneficial to do it in early spring before auto mechanics get even busier. Here’s a quick overview of when to change your tires and why it’s important. 

A Guide to Changing Your Tires in the Spring

When Should You Change Your Tires?

To deal with the winter conditions, many Alaskans have studded tires installed on their vehicles. While these provide extra traction during the snowy months, it’s illegal to keep them on your vehicle after April. They are only legal from September 15 to April 30, so auto shops often get busy right before May. It’s worthwhile to bring them in before it gets busy so that you’re guaranteed an appointment; driving on winter tires after the deadline could result in a $50 fine per tire.  

Why Is It Important to Change Your Tires?

tiresIn addition to avoiding costly fines, there are other reasons it’s crucial to head to an auto shop to change your tires. The rugged studs on winter tires are perfect for trudging through ice and snow, while summer versions are made for hot asphalt and rain-slicked surfaces. With special traction additives and larger tread blocks, these tires can grip wet roads without hydroplaning. The tread blocks also provide increased handling around corners and safer braking in inclement warm season conditions.  


When you need to change out your tires in Anchorage, AK, head to F.A.T.S. Service. This business has provided a wide variety of quality and affordable parts to the area for more than 30 years. They also offer vehicle maintenance services, including tuneups and brake repairs from ASE®-certified technicians. Visit the website for more information on their services, or call (907) 561-5721 to speak with them today.

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