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3 Workplace Accidents That Require a Lawyer March 20, 2019

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3 Workplace Accidents That Require a Lawyer, Coram, Montana

Workplace accidents can happen anywhere. Even if you have a desk job, you could trip because of an unsecured carpet in the office – or cut yourself on a letter opener. When such incidents occur, you should not be the one paying the medical bills; employers are legally bound to have a special insurance, called workers’ compensation, to cover such incidents. Contact a personal injury attorney to help you get the money you are due in any of the below scenarios.

3 Common Workplace Accidents

1. Car Crash

workplace accidentFrom truckers to delivery drivers, many professions require time on the road. Even an account manager heading to a client meeting could get in an accident, which would be considered work-related. Note that some injuries, like whiplash or concussion, take time to appear. Always see a doctor after an automobile crash to rule out serious ailments.

2. Falling Objects

While this problem is especially dominant in warehouse-style environments, it isn’t limited to this field. You could be stacking file boxes in a storage closet at your office and have one slip and land on your head. Such cases can be especially hazardous because the individual is unlikely to be wearing safety gear like a helmet.

3. Falling from Heights

If your job involves activity on elevated surfaces like scaffolding or ladders, falls are possible. Those in the construction field are especially vulnerable. However, you could even experience such a workplace accident in a one-off fluke – like when you get on a ladder to decorate the office Christmas tree.


Bothe & Lauridsen in Columbia Falls, MT, have over 100 years of combined experience in the personal injury field. After a first review of your case, they will advise on the best course of action honestly. Trust them to answer any questions you may have with a friendly approach. For your convenience, they operate on an affordable contingency basis, meaning they don’t extract fees up front but simply take a cut of whatever settlement they obtain for you. Schedule a meeting to discuss your workplace accident with a top personal injury lawyer by calling (406) 892-2193.

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