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3 Fireplace Safety Tips March 20, 2019

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3 Fireplace Safety Tips, Kernersville, North Carolina

A fireplace is a cozy feature to have in your house. It adds a homey ambiance and keeps you warm during the winter. However, fireplaces must be properly maintained to prevent any dangers to your property and its residents. From scheduling chimney maintenance to installing a cap, below are a few safety tips to keep in mind when using the fireplace in your home.

How to Stay Safe When Using the Fireplace

1. Install a Chimney Cap

Chimney caps prevent rain, snow, and critters like birds from entering your home through the chimney. They’re equipped with vents so smoke can escape rather than get trapped in your chimney. They also prevent burning embers from hopping onto your roof and starting a house fire. 

2. Only Burn Wood

fireplace repairYou should only ever burn hard woods, like oak, hickory, and beech. Attempting to put other materials in your fireplace, such as painted woods and construction materials, could release harmful fumes into the home. Avoid any diseased or rotten woods, too, as these burn too quickly and could cause a fire. 

3. Never Leave a Fire Unattended

There should always be a person in the room when a fire is burning. If you’re planning on going to sleep or leaving the house to run errands, it’s important to put the fire out. If you have young kids and need to leave the room even for a minute, take your child with you as it only takes a second for them to touch the hot embers. 


Regular chimney maintenance and inspections are also crucial fire prevention tasks. For quality workmanship you can trust, turn to The Chimney Sweep in Kernersville, NC. This locally owned and operated company offers the expertise and skills to help you keep your fireplace safe and functional. Whether you need chimney maintenance, a chimney cap installation, or fireplace repair, you can count on their technicians for reliable results and exceptional customer service. Call (336) 993-8999 to schedule an appointment for chimney maintenance or visit their website to read client testimonials. 

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