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3 Tips for Keeping Your iPhone® Protected This Spring & Summer April 1, 2019

St. Petersburg, Pinellas
3 Tips for Keeping Your iPhone® Protected This Spring & Summer, St. Petersburg, Florida

With spring and summer just around the corner, you’ll likely be spending much more time outdoors. Whether you’re laying out on the beach or biking to the park, it’s important to take precautions to protect your used iPhone® device. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when carrying electronics during the warmer seasons.

3 Spring & Summer Tips for Your Used iPhone Device

1. Place in a Sealed Plastic Bag

If you’re planning on spending the day at the beach or by the lake, keep your phone in a resealable plastic bag. Even if you’re not taking a dip in the water, any exposure to moisture can result in permanent damage to your device. Sand particles can also get into the crevices of the phone and affect functionality. 

2. Back Up on a Computer

used iphoneTo protect your data in case of any phone problems in the spring or summer, it’s essential to back up your device on a computer. Open up iTunes® on your computer and connect your used iPhone with a USB. Select the correct mobile device in the menu, choose “Summary,” and then click the “Back Up Now” button. This will ensure all of your data is saved in case of a breakdown. 

3. Avoid Leaving in the Car

Never leave your iPhone in your vehicle on a sunny or hot day. As the temperatures increase, this can cause your phone to heat up and permanently shorten its battery life. In worst-case scenarios, an overheated battery can also leak or cause a fire. To keep your phone cool while you’re in warmer weather, put it in airplane mode rather than running multiple applications at once and stay out of direct sunlight. 


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