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3 Custom Mirror Designs to Try in 2019 March 25, 2019

Cincinnati, Hamilton
3 Custom Mirror Designs to Try in 2019, Cincinnati, Ohio

When you’re tired of those floating shelves and old paintings, mirrors allow homeowners to expand their rooms with a simplistic, yet elegant, piece of decor. However, you don’t have to settle for the simple, rectangular models in every home goods store. By creating and installing one of the following custom mirror concepts, you can reinvigorate a room’s entire interior design scheme.

3 Custom Mirror Ideas to Transform Your Living Space

1. Sliding Barn Door Mirror

Unlike the standard door, which swings in or out and requires several feet of clearance, sliding barn doors have become popular for their space efficiency. Connected to walls by a railing at the top, these thick, solid doors slide to the side for easy entry and exit and only require few inches of clearance. While they normally add a rustic charm to interior design, you can add a bit of flair to your sliding barn door by having it fitted with a custom mirror. That way, it doubles as a portal and a full-length reflective surface—whether you’re checking if those shoes match or hoping to make your dining room look bigger.

2. Mirrored Headboard

custom mirrorIf you’re remodeling your bedroom, don’t settle for one of those standard metal or upholstered headboards in every big-box store. Fashion your own out of large mirror tiles! The surface will reflect the light throughout your bedroom, making it seem bigger to recoup some of the space your bed takes up. Plus, if you’re going for a glossy, chic interior design scheme, a mirrored headboard will be a cornerstone of the theme.

3. Framed Mural Mirror

Instead of filling that wall in your parlor, dining room, or another small space with numerous framed pictures and paintings, mask the entire wall with a framed mural mirror. Reflecting the entire room back to your guests, from floor-to-ceiling, will make it seem like the room is double its actual size. However, instead of just adhering a pane of glass to the wall, a framed custom mirror will refine the edges of your reflective mural.


If you’re interested in commissioning a custom mirror for your property, the experts at GlassPro, Inc. of Lawrenceburg, IN, will help. They can craft a mirror in whatever shape or capacity you’re envisioning, as well as conduct the installation. If you’re a car owner, they also offer auto glass repair and replacement services. To learn more about their offerings, visit the website or call (513) 874-6559 to get started on your custom mirror design.

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