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How to Design an Open Floor Plan March 20, 2019

Whitefish, Flathead
How to Design an Open Floor Plan, Whitefish, Montana

Open floor plans are considered the new best practice for luxury home builders. This floor plan is desirable because it encourages entertaining and family time, allows light to move freely through the home and makes the main living areas feel larger. If you want an open floor plan in your new home construction, use the guide below to build a home you’ll love for years to come.

New Home Construction Guide to Open Floor Plans

What They Are

An open floor plan is a term to describe a home’s layout which uses large, open spaces rather than the formal enclosed rooms common in older homes. The most common feature in these modern-day floor plans of new home construction is the use of a great room. The great room typically has in it the kitchen, the dining area, and a living space where people can entertain or relax.

How to Create Yours

new home constructionBecause there are no walls to separate these spaces that are meant to serve different purposes, you can use architectural features and furniture layout to keep the space cozy and inviting. You can also create multipurpose spaces to blur the lines between these spaces.

For example, you can place a large kitchen island between the kitchen and the dining or living area. The side of the island closer to the kitchen can have a sink and food prep area, while the side closer to the living space can have pull-up barstools for people to sit while talking or eating. In the rest of the room, create groupings of furniture that promote conversation, such as a sofa facing a couple of chairs. A central focal point such as a fireplace or rug on the floor can anchor these groupings together. Give each area its own lighting as well.


Whether your dream home has an open floor plan or a more traditional design, the new home construction team at Landmark Builders will bring it to life. Orlan Sorensen and his talented team are the trusted custom home builders throughout the Flathead Valley of Montana. Take a look at some of their past work online for inspiration and call them at (406) 253-3839 to discuss your new home construction plans.

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